Hi all,

I'm interested in how others are making use of digital communications, including eNewsletters and social media, to reach young people. I don't mind leading this discussion.

I also hope to learn how to forge relationships between secondary schools and public libraries (coming from the public side myself); how can we work together and support one another more effectively?


Lavinia McHugh

Hi, Everyone,

As a secondary school librarian, I am very interested in both of Lavinia's topics. I would like to suggest a discussion of ebook and digital audiobook promotion.

Thank you,

Kelli Powling



Agree with the above and to add, perhaps, digital research to support Arts Award, young people/young adults and their play, innovative work experience, making Take Over Day a national library priority....

Best wishes,

Peter Baxter (Camden libraries)

Hi everyone,

Also interested in promotion via social media and use of these to promote events, resources and e-books. I am also interested in free resources for research.

Have recently started working with ages 9-10 , so any tips or resources which would be useful for this would be great. Thanks.

Belinda (School Librarian, London)